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Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is an essential part of the work we do at Cromwell.

Good careers guidance and advice, including a two-week work placement, are provided for all pupils in Key Stage 4. Ofsted October 2016

Our quality and impartial careers guidance helps pupils to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations. CIAEG is central to preparing young people for the next stage in their education and for life in the adult world.  The College is working towards meeting the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmarks to develop and improve our careers provision. The college has the CIAEG nationally recognised Quality Award. From September 2020, the Careers Leader is Miss Lou Reeve This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Much of the input is led by form tutors as part of the fortnightly personal development (PD) programme, but much is also delivered through collapsed days, extended assemblies and open evenings.  A summary of these sessions is routinely shared with parents.  The success of our programme is reflected in the small number of NEETS (not in education employment or training) that the college has each year.  This is a good indicator that pupils have chosen correctly where they are doing their post 16 education, and therefore have had the right guidance process.  We also encourage post event surveys and The Skills Service carries out ‘Activote’ yearly with the whole cohort.

In Key Stage 3 pupils discuss their aspirations and their skills and qualities as part of the fortnightly PD programme. They are introduced to the careers library and how to use it and have access to this both in lessons and at break and lunchtimes.  They all have access to KUDOS ( and can use this to look into different careers. At the end of year 8, they select and experience taster sessions about possible options they may select in year 9 and many subjects are supported by employers or educators.  This is during a collapsed day in the summer term. As part of the options process all Year 9 pupils and their parents are invited to Options Evening to find out about the courses we offer. This is supported by additional assemblies. Furthermore every pupil is interviewed by a member of SLT to discuss the suitability of their option choices. They all write a personal statement reflecting on their skills and attributes and future career plans. They take part in an all day event, learning about apprenticeships, Enterprise, further and higher education opportunities and STEM workshops. Years 6 and 7 has a chance to visit the Careers Fair that is held in October, here they have the opportunity to meet Educators and Employers, including companies that offer apprenticeships, to ask questions and gather information material.  This is reviewed in Personal Development lessons.

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In Year 10 all pupils complete a two week block of work experience. As part of the preparation for this, pupils are interviewed by colleagues from our business partner MMUK and other local businesses, to develop their interview skills.  There are additional taught sessions to help pupils prepare for the world of work, including health and safety, rights and responsibilities and stereotypes. A full debrief enables pupils to reflect on what they have learned from this process. In the Autumn term, they have a chance to visit the Careers fair that is held in October, here they have the opportunity to meet Educators and Employers, including companies that offer apprenticeships, to ask questions and gather information material. Also, parents and carers are invited to attend.


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In Year 11 the focus moves to opportunities post 16. Supporting lessons on choices, courses and future pathways are delivered as part of the PD programme. A visit to a local FE college is also arranged for taster sessions. All Year 11 pupils will have a one to one interview with an appropriate member of staff to discuss their options and help them with their aspirations, applications and realistic ideas. Our Post 16 Open Evening provides the opportunity to discuss these options and the offer at Cromwell. Currently 35% of our students decide to continue their education here at Cromwell. Year 11 have a chance to visit the Careers Fair that is held in October, here they have the opportunity to meet Education and Employers, including companies that offer apprenticeships, to ask questions and gather information material. Also, parents and carers are invited to attend. In the Spring term they take part in an apprenticeship workshop event and have the opportunity to attend two or three workshops that interest them.    

All applicants to Cromwell are interviewed to ensure that appropriate course choices and combinations are made, both in terms of their target grades and their future plans. Applications are closely tracked by our IAG Manager and the Head of Year.

At a time when key stage 4 students are seriously thinking about their post 16 choices, these pages should be promoted to them as an important place to start their research.

There are linked videos of students talking about what it is like to study a variety of subjects both academic and vocational.

Most of our post 16 providers have good quality video information that will enable young people to catch a glimpse of what it will be like to study post 16. This is an ongoing project so will be updated on a regular basis. Youthoria is one of the few one stop shops for local information for our young people and well worth promoting to them .

For job vacancies: 

For academic qualifications:

For vocational qualifications

At post 16, students are given extensive advice regarding applications to university, apprenticeships and other options post 18. Outreach colleagues from local universities run sessions on how to write personal statements and the College has a subscription to Unifrog ( which provides impartial advice regarding universities and apprenticeships.  All students are interviewed to discuss their plans post 18 and given appropriate guidance. In the sixth form, tutors act as academic mentors, tracking progress and post 18 applications.

In addition the college organises a careers fair which attracts many local employers as well as some from further afield and some local universities and FE institutions. We also work closely with the Skills Service.

Year 12 takes part in Work Experience during the spring term.  This is tailored to specific interests or career choices where possible.  The students are encouraged to organise their own placements.

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Work Experience updates 2020

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Careers insights –

Career Insights is a free video library source that allows users to search careers they may be interested in and listen first hand to real professionals talk about their journey into that job.

Each video covers what they studied at school, their transitions from school to further education and into working life. What qualifications and skills are needed for their jobs, what a typical day looks like and advice for someone wanting to pursue a similar career.

The library is catered to cover a broad spectrum of career opportunities & new videos are added weekly so it’s always worth checking back regularly.


If you’re thinking about what career you’d like to choose then Spark can really help. It’s an amazing free online platform that lets you watch live streamed broadcasts from some of the country's leading employers.The live broadcasts are really interesting and tell you everything you need you know about that career.They’re only 20 minutes long so you won’t get bored.

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